Semester one, done and Holiday fun

I was debating retiring from the antiquated blog-writing life but I just could not help myself. I know it’s been two months since my last post and most of you have moved on and forgot all about my bearded face and hilarious antics. It is a time to rebuild and find my rightful place in your hearts.


To be honest, all my free time has been devoted to school. I wrote two 20+ page scripts in about ten days and a 13 page research paper. I didn’t want to half-ass the blog or any assignments with school so I took some time off from this, I’m sorry! Semester one at Emerson is in the books and semester two starts in about two weeks. How did I do my first semester? I’m glad you asked, straights A’s! Well, one was an A- but that’s an A in my book folks. I’m really happy how the program is going so far, it’s a massive amount of work while balancing a full-time job. I don’t sleep too much anymore but I never was very good at that before. I live on a steady diet of Red Bull, vodka, whisky and humble pie. Alright maybe not that last one, humility is not really my strong suit. Alas this writing program has made me more humble with my writing skills. Sometimes I think I can’t hack it after reading script notes from my teachers and it’s taken me to some dark places. I have some really great friends and classmates that helped me through that. It’s really overwhelming sometimes because I want to chase this dream until it’s real. I know parts of me will get damaged in that journey so I have to turn my skin bulletproof and press on.


We have so much catching up to do! I’ll try to give you the hits and maybe write this damn thing on a more regular basis. First off, I have my own website now, which is very exciting! One of my best friends and former lover Mallorie (yea, I said it) built this site for me and she did a great job! Thanks Mal! I’m still learning the navigation of the blog part of the site and the next post will be on there. Alight,  it appears we elected Donald Trump as our next president, which is horrifying but I’m not huge into politics. I’m more into them than I let on but I try not to talk about it too much because I’m not as well-informed as I should be. I am a very liberal human being and I hate how this election shook out. I won’t get too much into it but it appears America got collectively drunk and hit the self-destruct button. Soon enough we’ll live in a Biff Tannen alternate 1985 timeline world.


Although this could mean more casinos? I DO love to gamble. But I hate ignorance more than anything in this world. This election was a result of incomplete information and specious reasoning. Instead of making America “great” again, let’s try to make it dependable. I don’t need America to be Ferrari, I would like to see it as a well maintained Volvo or Prius. I don’t need heads to turn and say “Wow!” when America drives by. I want this fucker to start on cold days, get good gas milage, fit my groceries and more than one person in it. End of rant.



I saw a couple cool movies since we last chatted; Die Hard in the theater, Batman (1989) original 35mm print, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (way too long of a title). This week I’m aiming to see Manchester By the Sea and La La Land.


I also saw Office Christmas Party and it was absolute dog shit, but we snuck in beers to the theater and that helped a little. I also saw my favorite band in the world preform two of their best albums in their entirety. Less Than Jake played back to back nights at Brighton Music Hall, the first night they played Losing Streak which contains on of my favorite songs (Krazy Glue). The next night they played Hello Rockview which contains ANOTHER one of my favorite songs (Scott Farcus takes it on the chin). I had a blast both nights and that marks four times this year where I got to see LTJ live and probably over 30 times lifetime (not a bad life).

Let’s talk gambling briefly, since it’s one of my top three favorite vices (inquire about the other 2). I’ve played a few poker sessions the past few months with mixed results. I’m probably down a bit, but not much at all. Playing cards with short money is always tricky but I’ve made it work in the past. I won at Keno ($450) and that was pretty cool, now I’m hooked on another form of gambling with zero skill or strategy (oh well).

Keno champ!

Scratch tickets continue to be pointless but help me fill my role as a white trash townie. Alas my townie status will be revoked in 2 months. I’m happy to announce that i’ll be moving back to Brighton, which is good because living at home is hurting my love life. Speaking of gambling, I’ll be making a small trip to Las Vegas this month. My TV writing program kicks off at Emerson’s LA campus on January 9th, which I’m ecstatic about. Before my week in LA, I’ll clear my mind in Sin City for a weekend.  The lineup of teachers in this program is incredible, including Jill Soloway (creator of Transparent). It’s a very intimidating notion that a multiple Emmy winner will be reviewing my work. If you excuse me, I’m going to go throw up. Ok, I’m back! There is zero fucking around in this program and that’s good for me, I need the challenge and see what I’m made of.


I hope everyone had a great holiday, spending quality time with loved ones and presents as far as the eye can see. I had a great Christmas this year, spent WAY too much money but it’s always worth it. Participated in all my holiday traditions and they went off without a hitch. The Sunday before Christmas the family always attends the North Shore Music Theater’s production of Charles Dickens’ classic tale,  A Christmas Carol. It’s a great production but I’m sick of it, to be honest. I only continue with the tradition because my mom loves it so much.

Getting the tree ready.

After the play we had a family dinner, pops made a bacon-wrapped hunk of roast beef, it was delicious. I even convinced my mildly cantankerous grandmother to wear a paper crown AND smile for a picture, that’s a real accomplishment. I believe she called me a “silly asshole” afterwards, that’s my Nana.

I made this great snowman but it melted the next day 😦

Christmas Eve is the day which holds 2 of the best holiday traditions. The first is now on-going for 20 years and it’s a Mcdonald’s breakfast with one of my best friends on earth, Brendan Powers. This year we kept with tradition (I feel like i’m using that word a lot) but THIS year we had a guest, Ms. Adelaide “Lady” Powers. Lady is Brendan’s 3 month old baby daughter and she’s cute as a damn button. I hope she’s okay with being a member of this tradition from now on!


After breakfast I had to finish a Christmas project I was working on for the boys which I managed to compete (I’ll tell you momentarily). The night of Christmas Eve sees your boy (moi), Sarad, Ben and the aforementioned papa Powers having a party. We get dressed up like gentleman, exchange gifts and drink like fish. It began as just the four of us drinking in Brendan’s kitchen and watching unconventional Christmas movies while getting drunk.

The Christmas eve traditions of the past!

Now Brendan is married, a home owner and a father, it has changed the party. The party has grown to include Brendan’s family and his wife Annah’s family. Both families are a blast so it only makes things better. We do a savage Yankee Swap and this year was the best one so far. I ended up with a sweatshirt with Taylor Schilling, the star of Orange is the New Black on it.

Isn’t this shirt insane?!

After the Yankee swap and some drinks we exchanged gifts, as usual everyone got me amazing things. It feels nice knowing that my friends know we so well. As a special surprise for the boys for Christmas (this was the previously mentioned secret project), I wrote a 20 page script starring US! The movie is called BBM and the Brown Hood Save Christmas everyone loved it and we even did a table read. I worked really hard on the script and I was beyond excited that everyone enjoyed it. Points for me. As the night progressed I hit the gas on the drinking and when the party came to a close, we couldn’t manage to have an Uber or Lyft to get us home. I had to call in a favor to my friend Brittany who happens to live down the street from Brendan, I spilled half my rum and coke on her seat and I’m not proud of that. When I got home, I drunkenly woke up my brother and it was pretty damn funny.

Some samples of the script! If you want to read more, let me know.

BBM and the Brown Hood.
Some choice gifts from Val.

It appears I’m prattling on, let me apologize, I’m sorry but it’s been a long time since we got to sit down and chat. Christmas morning was nice, family time, A Christmas Story on repeat, great gifts, delicious breakfast and naps. Another honored Christmas tradition was carried out this year and that was attending the Hometown Throwdown. The Throwdown is an annual show that the Mighty Mighty Bostones put on at the House of Blues (wasn’t always there but it is now) after Christmas. It was an amazing show and I was somehow convinced to crowd surf, which was kind of awesome.


The next day was New Years eve, I woke up on Keegan’s couch and we fueled up at Jim’s Deli where I got a buffalo chicken omelette. What’s that? you’ve never heard of that? ME-fucking-neither, so I decided to go for it and I wasn’t disappointed. I was so excited about the dish, I spilled buffalo sauce on my white shirt. I went back to Keegan’s spot and watched Ghostbusters 1 & 2 back to back. After that I went out with Benny and had some holiday beverages.

One for the plug and one for the load.

No kiss for your boy at midnight but such is life. Also an obese gentleman called me “thickness”and I’m not sure how I should feel, maybe I should drop some pounds? I’m always fascinated by the type of people who attempt to cut others down. Possibly it’s just insecure people projecting their own short-comings on others? It’s never really been my style but to each their own. I was bummed out about it last night but today I feel fine. Perhaps I’ll toss “lose 20 pounds” on the New Years resolution list. Anyway, that should catch us up! I hope you all have a great 2017 and shit.

THE BLUES BROTHERS, Carrie Fisher, 1980. ©Universal.
RIP Carrie Fisher

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